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Custom 50


Custom 50 is a customer service designed to offer you the opportunity to aquire that elusive or non-existent figure you need to complete your army, at a cost that is well within reach.

HCH Painted Figures can offer the following service.

To produce Historical era figures in 25/28mm scale you require to complement your army.

A minimum order of only 50 figures per casting is required.

Figures are supplied painted to the same standard and at the same cost for a comparable figure on our current range.

For example:- For a ‘CUSTOM 50’ minimum order you would receive 50 painted figures designed and manufactured to your stated requirements for a total cost of ONLY £195.00 (This is based on an infantry figure and does not include freight charges) Any additional figures can be supplied at a cost of £3.90 each

Custom 50
  • Terms and Conditions

    1.You supply a clear concise description of the figure required. Ideally a sketch or picture included would assist.

    NOTE: Please do not send any commercially produced casting modified or unmodified as our design team will sculpt an original master.

    2.Figures produced will be as historically accurate as practical for wargaming in terms of uniform detail and colours.

    3.Payment:- Once the order has been accepted a deposit of 50% of the quoted price is required with the balance payable when the order is complete and ready for despatch. Delivery time 3-5 months subject to work load.

    4.Each request will be considered in terms of practicality and the design team reserves the right to accept or reject a request.

    5.HCH Painted Figures may add a custom produced figure to their current range upon completion of the order.

    6.Payment of the deposit is regarded as acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions.

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