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High Quality ready painted 25/28mm figures for the wargamer or collector
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About us

HCH Painted Figures offer a range of high quality READY PAINTED wargame/collector figures in 25/28mm scale. The scale is compatible with most modern manufacturers. The painted figures are supplied individually at a reasonable cost, this enables you to purchase one or a thousand to suit your unit size and budget.

All of our figures come from the extensive listings manufactured by Tin Soldier UK.

The whole process, from design to finished painted product is done in house , ensuring quality control at each stage of production.

Tin Soldier has been producing high quality gaming figures for over 20 years and HCH has been suppling the painted figure market since 2002.

The painted figures are supplied complete with weapons which are packed separately to minimize the risk of transit damage. All figures ( unless specified ), are supplied unbased. This is to facilitate the requirements of different rule sets and for the customer to choose, or match, existing basing styles.

For those of you who can not find what you are looking for, we may be able to help via our Custom 50 service.

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